A SPECIALIST IN COURT, CORRECTIONAL, POLICE, AND OTHER GOVERNMENT FACILITY AND SECURITY PLANNING, Mr. Siegel has been active nationwide in this field since 1971, providing facility planning and security consulting and technical assistance services to local, state, and federal agencies and to architectural firms. A Senior Fellow of The American University School of Public Affairs, he is the author of The Image Of Justice, a comprehensive treatment of court facility planning for administrators and managers of judicial systems. His professional services include:

• security audits, multi-facility assessments, and programs;

• emergency preparedness planning;

•feasibility analysis, pre-design services, planning, programming, and schematic design;

• facility evaluations, needs assessments, and multi-facility inventories;

• improving operating, staffing, and facility management tradeoffs;

• quality control of design development and construction documents;

Others are: the design of courtrooms and detention spaces, insuring a suitable design image, economic and cost-effectiveness analyses of court and criminal justice facilities and systems, and criteria for developing facility standards.

EDUCATION-Master of Electrical Engineering, 1953; Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, 1948-New York University. Major: Electronics and Communications.


Since 1975-an independent facility and security consultant to owner and user agencies and to architects-for planning, programming, schematic design, and operational analyses of court, police, correctional, and other government facilities. Technical assistance to localities throughout country through American University and other agencies. Projects in more than forty states and provinces and several hundred communities, large and small, including: facility needs assessment and projection, feasibility studies, facility planning, security audits and designs, master planning, case-flow and records management, space use/operational management tradeoffs, initial design requirements, and local, regional, and statewide facility and security evaluation and planning.

1972-1975-Operations Coordinator, Space Management Consultants, Inc., N.Y.C. In charge of N.Y. office and responsible for planning and conducting court facility projects throughout the country, including many large and small county courthouses, three statewide court facility inventories, and U.S. Courthouse, N.Y.C.

1971-1972-Principal Researcher, Courthouse Reorganization and Renovation Program, N.Y.C. Conducted and published comprehensive analysis of court facility security planning.

1948-1971-Management and technical positions with several major firms in operations research, systems analysis, systems engineering, and research and development. Applications included legal-related computer based systems and electronic systems for data processing, communications, and weapons.

PUBLICATIONS AND HONORS-Author: The Image Of Justice; chapters in Space Management and the Courts; article: Some Issues in Court Security, The Court Manager, Winter 1997; other articles; and numerous technical assistance reports on facility and security problems. Senior Fellow, American University School of Public Affairs. Faculty of National Judicial College. Book and manuscript reviewer on criminal justice, architecture, corrections, photography, fiction. Member, National Association for Court Management, National Center for State Courts, American Judicature Society, American Jail Association, American Correctional Association. Past President, Howard County Arts Council.

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